Free Download Manager: Another cool Alternative to IDM

Internet connection is suddenly terminated and you have to download that file again! Hell, it was two hours since your PC was downloading! Before starting to download new files from the Internet, to avoid such problems, install Free Download Manager on your computer. Here, we’re sharing free alternative to IDM full crack.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a free download manager, a program that allows you to manage our downloads or downloads from the Internet. Free Download Manager allows us to stop downloading a file and resume it from the point where we left it later.

The same happens if our connection is suddenly interrupted: we can resume the download of the file from the point where the connection was interrupted. Free Download Manager also allows you to download files from the Internet to the maximum of our speed: this program “breaks” the download of a file in several parts that downloads at the same time greatly increasing the speed of downloading from the Internet.

Install Free Download Manager

Connect to the Free Download Manager website and click on the Download item in the menu. In the Web page that opens, click on the DOWNLOAD button in the section You can also download FDM Lite version to download the program.

At the end of the download, double click on the downloaded installation file. In the window that opens, click on the Next button , check the entry I accept the agreement , always click on Next (you’ll have to press the Yes button when prompted) and then on Install.

At the end of the installation, remove the check mark under Launch Free Download Manager and click Finish . Connect again in the Download area of ​​the Free Download Manager website and click on the Languages ​​pack entry to download the Italian language (the program is in English).

At the end of the download, double click on the downloaded file. In the window that opens, click on the Next button , check I accept the agreement , click on Next and then on Finish . You just have to start Free Download Manager, double clicking on its icon on the Desktop.

In the Help window to optimize the use of the network that opens, select in the drop-down menu the speed of your Internet connection and click the Finish button.

How to use Free Download Manager

From now on, all the downloads we make are intercepted by Free Download Manager. Try downloading a file with your browser: the New Download Free Download Manager window opens , where you have to click on the OK button .

The file download starts immediately, as you can see in the window that opens. The download proceeds at chilling speeds for our Internet connection!

If you want to stop the download and resume it later, if this is allowed ( Yes is written next to the item Resume support in the download window in Free Download Manager), click the Stop button .

To resume the stopped download, click on it with the right mouse button in the main window of the program and select the item Start download.

How to download GIF from Facebook

How to download GIF from Facebook

Our favorite social network has support for multiple formats, and as sooner or later we will want to download some of the animations that other users have used, through this tutorial we will explain the steps to download GIF from Facebook.


Get the link to the Facebook GIF

As you know, the best way to download images and GIF is by right clicking on them and selecting the option to save, but the problem is that Facebook has wanted to make it a bit more difficult with the objective of protecting it slightly the privacy of the people, so that it does not let us download the animated image directly, but the first thing we will need is to obtain the link to it and then we will locate the original source so that we can make the download in a very simple way.

To obtain the link, we must right click on the image and then select the option “Copy address of the link”. Now we will open a new tab in our browser and we just have to paste the link in the URL bar, so that you can see the image in its original format.

Save the Facebook GIF on your PC

In the previous step we have achieved the link of the image, but what we want to do now is to save it in our computer, so we just have to click with the right button again but this time on the new image that we have taken in the tab, and here we will see that the “Save image as …” option appears.

Clicking will open the usual window through which we have to select a location and of course a name for the file, we will click “Save” and in just a few seconds we will have available the animated image or GIF for to be able to access it at any time we want, and of course without the need to have an Internet connection.

GIF Downloader

But we also have another alternative that always works perfectly, which is neither more nor less than an extension for Google Chrome that we can download and install completely free of charge, so that we can obtain the GIF images in a moment, reason why which is the ideal system for those who have to download many animated images especially if they need them for their work, since we are going to save a lot of time in the process.

The only thing we have to do is install GIF Downloader for Chrome directly accessing the official page through the link, and at a moment you will have at your disposal this fantastic tool that will save you a lot of time and many headaches.

As you can see, these are the main systems to download GIF from Facebook, through the manual system and through the use of an application specifically developed for Google Chrome browser users, so you can switch between the faster and more efficient system than is the application or manual mode that will be accessible from any computer from which you are working.

The 12 most useless, weird and fun apps on Android and Apple

The 12 most useless, weird and fun apps on Android and Apple

1.- Sombrica (Android).
The 15 most crazy applications
For those who are of limited orientation this application may come very well. You can know the ideal place to park the car and not the sun during the whole day or, when buying a flat to know how sunny it is.

2.- Fake a call (iOS and Android).

The 15 most crazy applications
A boring date? Do you want to escape some commitment? This is your application. You can simulate a call of whoever you want to know or not, even has recordings as if someone was answering. Flee from any uncomfortable moment.


3.-Voice Changer Plus (iOS).

The 15 most crazy applications
The dream of any heart clown. This application records the voice and transforms it as if you had breathed helium, you were a robot and 45 other effects. And you can share the recordings in social networks.

4.-Dream On (iOS).

The 15 most crazy applications
The application for dreamers. It monitors sleep during the REM phase and stimulates the mind with sounds to dream some things or other.

5.-Ghost Radar (iOS and Android).

The 15 most crazy applications
Fan of the paranormal? Perfect. This ‘app’ is a ghost radar. This way you will know if there are activities that escape the human understanding around you.

6.-French Kiss (iOS).

The 15 most crazy applications
You will know if you really kiss well or if they take you lying all their lives. Evaluate the technique when kissing. What note do you have?

7.-Melon Meter (iOS).

The 15 most crazy applications
If you have always thought that tapping the fruit to know if it is ripe is an absurdity this application may be yours. In theory you should bring the terminal to the watermelon and wait for it to pass sentence.

8.-Test of your death (iOS and Android).

The 15 most crazy applications
For years now there is a website that predicts the death of the user. This is the same idea transferred to a mobile application. Just ask for the name, sex, weight and height. Do you really dare to use it?

9.-Einstein’s pedometer (iOS).

The 15 most crazy applications
Few applications more ‘freaks’ and inútines that this. Sheldon Cooper would be happy. Allows you to check how much you travel in time as you move by car, plane or on foot. The theory of relativity measured in fractions of picosecond.

10.-MedJelly (iOS and Android).

The 15 most crazy applications
The CSIC together with Mediterranean Science Commission have created this application that warns bathers in real time if there are jellyfish on the beach or not. The problem is that, for now, it only works on the beaches of Barcelona.

11.-Run Pee (iOS and Android).

The 15 most crazy applications
The popcorn is thirsty and leads to the soft drinks, the cold drinks lead to the bathroom when you are in the cinema. With this application you can know the best time to be absent from the movie without losing the thread.

12.-Hold the Button (iOS and Android).

The 15 most crazy applications
Another ‘app’ that would enter without problem in the ‘top 3’ of the absurdity. It’s about pressing the screen as long as possible competing with users around the world.